Great product + Amazing service = Satisf

Great product + Amazing service = Satisfied Customer becoming Raving Fan.
Tek Standard will go beyond all expectations to create raving fans for your product.
Here is our recent install for BILT award winning C.O.D exercise machine that will elevate your performance to the unexpected levels.
Give us a ring, we always looking forward to socialize and build life long lasting relationships.

“Do not get a treadmill stuck” Tek Sta

“Do not get a treadmill stuck”
Tek Standard specializing in fitness equipment transport and move. Our factory certified technicians will relocate your treadmill to any place you like for very affordable price. We also can help with treadmill assembly, treadmill installation, and treadmill delivery. Call Us Anytime, we open 24/7.

Right now we are starting: “The Winter

Right now we are starting: “The Winter is coming” campaign.
This is totally FREE program designed to get fitness equipment in commercial settings ready for the busiest time of the year.
Winter season brings New Year resolutions and of course more traffic to the gym. Which, in effect, increase exercise equipment wear and results in all long neglected maintenance issues turning into a bigger problems. Fitness equipment manufacturers also get swamped during winter months. Parts will be delayed or fall on back orders, which could cause broken fitness equipment stay out of order for weeks. And cause huge negative impact on patrons of the gym.
The “The Winter is Coming” campaign is the proactive and preventative solution in pre-winter months.
The “The Winter is Coming” campaign is the proactive and preventative solution in pre-winter months.
TEK STANDARD offer absolutely FREE Fitness Equipment inspections/evaluations.
Our experts will carefully examine each exercise machine for safety, operational capacity, state of the preventative maintenance, and overall visual impact on users. After we evaluate fitness equipment in a gym, we prepare detailed report of all our findings assigning each item a level of priority. More, we prepare cost estimate for each item on a list, which is in itself great tool to be used with forward planning.
Bottom line, our fitness equipment evaluation will point out overlooked or neglected items that will cause havoc once the winter rush begins.
This is valuable and FREE program designed to get you prepared for busy times and build relationships.
We expect high demand for this program, but still want to help as many people as we can.
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Because “The Winter is coming”.

Simple sentence of old commercial, trans

Simple sentence of old commercial, transparent in time and more than relevant to importance of exercise equipment preventative maintenance. For too long exercise equipment service was secondary to the other aspects of gym expenses, in most cases the most valuable assets left unserviced until they break. What is the true price of unmaintained fitness equipment? If you do not consider this question before, then it is time to call Tek Standard toll free # 844-214-4544.
We offer FREE consultations and facility inspection/evaluation services. Why not to take us on our offer? Because at the end: “Pay – You Will”

Quality Is Conformance Of The Requiremen

Quality Is Conformance Of The Requirement.
Every product or service has a requirement: a description of what the customer needs. When a particular service meets that requirement, it has achieved quality, provided that the requirement accurately describes what the enterprise and the customer actually need.
Tek Standard embraces Zero Defects concept and raising fitness equipment service standards to the higher levels and expectations.
Our goal to become “The Standard of Quality” in Fitness Industry and we will over achieve expectations until recognition rightfully deserved.